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  • Thank you so much! Your agency provides top-notch customer service! It does not go unnoticed or unappreciated.
    Lora McClure / Botetourt County Department of Social Services
  • This training was so helpful. I have never been exposed to using this type of service to facilitate such high-quality care to my patients.
    For MFA, this education in the benefits to scheduling an in-person interpreter to serve my clients
    will prevent communication breakdowns, empower the patients and family members to understand their
    medical care and express needs/concerns without a language barrier.

    Rachel DeSando / Medical Facilities of America
  • We used the video cart for the first time on a deaf patient today. I thought that it was a great way to communicate
    and make the patient feel more at ease and understand what is going on. I never would have thought of such a great device.

    Valerie Schweikart / Centra
  • VOLATIA is an excellent provider that has been nothing but prompt, efficient and courteous. Deborah and Ruth have been
    essential to my job at getting our patients serviced in a timely manner. … Many of their interpreters are frequently
    requested by our patients, which shows the trust they inspire.

    Amy E. Oakes / Carilion Clinic
  • Our daily working with Volatia has been exceptional. I am impressed with the customer service when a need arises,
    and I am impressed with the attention given to our needs from the customer relations department and management.
    … Our relationship with your company is vital to the success of our community!

    Stacey Sheppard / TAP
  • I have never used an interpreter before, but now I know that it will be very easy to request one if needed. Doing everything
    online is the best way to go, and I appreciate the wide variety of languages and people available. It seems like the people
    in charge are really passionate and invested in this work and with helping people in need.

    Kelly Davidson / City of Roanoke
  • I loved the way VOLATIA’s platform tracked real-time data. We knew when the interpreter you sent us checked in and out.
    We didn’t have to wait for an email and verify the times. Invoicing was easier as well. It was AWESOME!

    Jody Spahr / Compass Languages
  • VOLATIA interpreters are not only knowledgeable, but they are mindful about respecting the ethical standards considering
    the hospital regulations and respecting the client’s privacy and confidentiality. In addition, the interpreters are
    flexible and diverse to meet the needs of the clients adapting to their circumstances to bridge the gap of communication
    between the client and the customer.

    Carmen A. Pellicer / Intercept Youth
  • VOLATIA removes every barrier I usually encounter [hiring an interpreter] and offers a superior experience to me as
    the end user. I sincerely recommend using VOLATIA as a language access provider.

    Chanelle Henderson / Associates in Brief Therapy