Every day, new customers want to order your services, but does your staff speak their languages? Through professional language interpretation, translation, and location services, VOLATIA helps utility companies like yours provide critical services to all customers, whatever languages they speak. Open an account with VOLATIA today and immediately start communicating with your customers in the languages they prefer - their own.

Within 48 hours your employees will be fully trained, accessing our professional staff of interpreters and confidently serving your customers in over 280 languages. Through VOLATIA, there are so many ways you can help your limited-English speaking customers and make your organization more efficient and profitable at the same time:

  • Process new requests quickly and conveniently, any time of the day, in any language, using your own Call Center staff.
  • Improve your efficiency in collecting receivables and increase your revenues almost instantly.
  • Quickly and clearly understand service issues of all your customers, and lessen the time and cost it takes to complete repairs.
  • Assist your walk-in customers by calling our interpreters, using your own speaker phone, or better yet, using our dual handset phone. Your field service team can even use our phone to help your customers in their own homes.
  • Expand your market and improve your relationship with ethnic communities by showing limited-English speaking customers you truly care about them and their business.
  • Our team of professional interpreters are available for you at any time, day or night, to support your bilingual staff when call volumes outpace your resources. Maximize your call center productivity with Language Line Services.
  • Federal and State Laws that guarantee every customer have the ability to effectively communicate with you, regardless of the language they speak.

For more information on how VOLATIA can help your organization meet its language needs, please give us a call at 877.VOLATIA (865.2842). For additional ways to contact us, click here

Solutions Offered

  • New service requests
  • Billing and collections
  • Repair/technical support
  • In office/field support
  • Market to ethnic communities
  • Support call volume spikes