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Healthcare - Clear, accurate communication is crucial to the medical care of your patients. The inability to communicate clearly can delay vital care to people with limited proficiency in English. VOLATIA can bridge the language gap between your healthcare organization and these patients, thus enabling you to provide them with the services they require. VOLATIA provides the most professional, highly-trained Certified Medical Interpreters to serve you and your patients.

Government - Whether during emergencies or routine business, the government’s ability to serve the public effectively depends on timely, accurate communication. The government as a whole has taken major steps to provide the public with the necessary language services. However, due to limited resources and personnel, the implementation of comprehensive language access programs remains uneven. Here at VOLATIA, we are uniquely positioned to address the diverse needs of federal, state, and local governments because of our experience, comprehensive capabilities, and an intimate familiarity with language dynamics in the administrative environment.

General Business - Whatever business you're in, you will meet new customers who speak little to no English. Just a few years ago they may have been mainly Spanish-speaking. Today your customers are likely to speak Urdu, Tagalog, or any number of over 170 Languages.

Legal - Imagine going to court or visiting your attorney's office. Nerve-wracking enough, right? Now imagine going to court or visiting your attorney's office as a person with limited English proficiency. Interactions with the legal system such as these may be some of the most important an LEP person may encounter, but a language gap could keep the individual from participating fully in his or her own interest.

Education - Across the country, educational institutions are serving larger populations with limited English proficiency. Educational professionals need to be able to communicate effectively with students and their families to ensure that everyone has the tools they need to participate in the students’ learning and growth.