It's Proven! Speaking your customers' languages is good for your business. VOLATIA can bridge the language gap between your limited-English speaking customers and your staff. You should know that VOLATIA interpreters are trained in insurance terms, concepts, and procedures. So, not only are they some of the finest in our business of professional language interpretation, they also know just how important accuracy, neutrality, and confidentiality are to you and to your valued customers.

By making VOLATIA Language Services available to your customers...

  • You'll set yourself apart from your competitors
  • Your limited-English speaking customers will recognize that you truly do care about them and their business
  • They will be far less likely to switch to another insurance company
  • They will tell others in their community that yours is the company to do business with

For more information on how VOLATIA can help your insurance organization meet its language needs, please give us a call at 877.VOLATIA (865.2842). For additional ways to contact us, click here

Solutions Offered

  • Provide quick claims processing
  • Improve claims investigations
  • Evaluate the legality of claims
  • Enhance help desk service
  • Easily explain benefits
  • Take recorded statements
  • Support for Auto and Home quotes
  • Sell insurance internationally