Shifting demographics and shrinking budgets test government agencies on many levels. Language barriers pose the greatest challenge as new costs and risks continue to emerge.

To present diverse communities with meaningful access to government programs and services, agencies often need the assistance of a reliable and efficient language services provider.

The need for broad language access within the government is driven chiefly by two directives:

  • Executive Order 13166 directs federal agencies to acknowledge language barriers and provide meaningful access to agency services to persons with limited proficiency in English.
  • The Department of Defense Directive 5160.41E establishes a Defense Language Program to meet the foreign language needs of the Department of Defense.

During emergencies and routine business, the government’s ability to serve the public effectively depends on timely and accurate communication. The federal government as a whole has taken major steps to provide the public with the necessary language services.

However, due to limited resources and personnel, the implementation of comprehensive language access programs remains uneven. Here at VOLATIA, we are uniquely positioned to address the diverse needs of federal, state, and local governments because of our experience, comprehensive capabilities, and an intimate familiarity with language dynamics in the administrative environment.

We can interpret, translate, and localize in over 280 languages and can offer an array of services that enable your agency to navigate language and cultural barriers.

Services for Federal, State, and Local Agencies

  • Dept. of Human Services - In-office, outreach, WIC, Family Services
  • Dept. of Health - Patient care, Title VI compliance, field outreach
  • Protective and Regulatory Agencies - Field outreach and document translation
  • Dept. of Revenue - Tax filing help, revenue collections, forms
  • Dept. of Labor - Workers Comp, Personnel, Human Resources, Employment Centers
  • Emergency Services - 911 Call Centers, Fire and EMS, Police Enforcement, homeland Security, and Disaster Relief teams
  • Call Centers - 211 networks, Poison Centers, Public Help Lines
  • Education - School Districts to State Universities
  • Court and Attorney General - Court Certified Interpreters

For more information on how VOLATIA can help your government organization meet its language needs, please give us a call at 877.VOLATIA (865.2842). For additional ways to contact us, click here

Solutions Offered

  • On-Site Interpretation - The perfect solution for situations when you need an interpreter at your side. Ideal for meetings planned in advance that require that extra human interaction and visual contact of a face-to-face interpreter. 280+ languages, 24/7.
  • Telephone Interpretation – Over-the-phone interpretation services provide quick access to trained, expert interpreters in 280+ languages 24/7.
  • Call Volume Scalability – Instantly scalable interpretation services that help manage the sudden surge in call volumes during disaster preparation response, recovery, and relief efforts.
  • High Volume Demand and Language Diversity – Immediate readiness to serve high-volume interpretation needs, in the broadest spectrum of languages, for walk-in federal offices or call centers serving the public nationwide.
  • Law Enforcement – Rapid connect systems and specialized training for interpreters who aid first responders and public safety officials at federal, state, and local agencies.
  • Translations – Capabilities include written translation for technical and standard forms, documents, websites, manuals, and more.
  • Testing & Training – Services include over-the-phone language proficiency testing and online training available for bilingual agents and staff in over 50 languages and English. Our specialized programs prepare bilingual staff to provide a higher level of customer service to the limited English speaking public.