General Business

Regardless of your business structure, you no doubt notice a tremendous increase of customers that are limited English speakers.

Although it may appear as if this development poses more challenges for your overall bottom line, you can rest assured that VOLATIA can and will provide language solutions that guarantee satisfaction for you and most importantly your customers.

Click any link below. You'll quickly see how our language professionals can help make your organization even more effective, and your limited-English speaking clients glad they do business with you.

Here are just a few ways VOLATIA can help your business:

  • On-site interpreting - The perfect solution for medical situations when you need a face-to-face medical interpreter at your side.
  • Over-the-phone interpretation - All you need is a telephone and you'll soon be communicating with your clients from English into any of over 280 languages through our medical interpreters, court interpreters, or thousands of others.
  • Video Interpreter Service - Communicate with your deaf clients and our Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (RID)-certified American Sign Language interpreters. Medical interpreters are also available for your Spanish-speaking customers.
  • Document Translation & Localization - Translate your written English forms, signage, agreements, applications and other documents into the languages your customers understand.

For more information on how VOLATIA can help your organization meet its language needs, please give us a call at 877.VOLATIA (865.2842). For additional ways to contact us, click here

Solutions Offered

  • 280+ languages
  • On-site interpreting
  • Over-the-phone interpretation
  • Video Interpreter Service
  • Document Translation
  • Localization
  • VOLATIA Language School