What people are saying about VOLATIA

Thank you so much! Your agency provides top-notch customer service! It does not go unnoticed or unappreciated.
Lora McClure Family Services Specialist II Botetourt County Department of Social Services
This training was so helpful. I have never been exposed to using this type of service to facilitate such high-quality care to my patients. For MFA, this education in the benefits to scheduling an in-person interpreter to serve my clients will prevent communication breakdowns, empower the patients and family members to understand their medical care and express needs/concerns without a language barrier. The new idea of emailing staff customs of the patient's native country will be an excellent way to narrow the pragmatic communication gap between caregivers and patients. Thank you so much!
Rachel DeSando Medical Facilities of America
We used the video cart for the first time on a deaf patient today. I thought that it was a great way to communicate and make the patient feel more at ease and understand what is going on. I never would have thought of such a great device. It would be great if our office had one of these because we also have lots of foreigners who we struggle with all the medical terms. caregivers and patients. Thank you so much!
Valerie Schweikart Centra
VOLATIA is an excellent provider that has been nothing but prompt, efficient and courteous. Deborah and Ruth have been essential to my job at getting our patients serviced in a timely manner. I have called them many, many times at the last minute for appointment needs, and they are always quick to get it filled if possible. Many of their interpreters are frequently requested by our patients, which shows the trust they inspire. I have never taken a single complaint from any office regarding their behavior or professionalism. I cannot emphasize enough how grateful I am to work with such amazing people whose service is truly exceptional. caregivers and patients. Thank you so much!
Amy E. Oakes Medical Office Assistant II, Physician Services Carilion Clinic
In the past year, TAP has been the recipient of your language services by the way of a grant which funds victims of crimes and gives them access to language services. What an honor it has been to be part of this endeavor with all the partners involved!
Prior to our partnership with Volatia, we used another system, which I found to be taxing on staff. It is not always user friendly, you always need a pin which cannot always be easily located, and it is not always clear.
Our daily working with Volatia has been exceptional. I am impressed with the customer service when a need arises, and I am impressed with the attention given to our needs from the customer relations department and management. We have had no issues of customer relations and are completely satisfied with the services.
Our relationship with your company is vital to the success of our community! Thank you for all you do for TAP and our clients! It is a pleasure working with you all.
Stacey Sheppard Director Housing & Human Services TAP
I have never used an interpreter before, but now I know that it will be very easy to request one if needed. Doing everything online is the best way to go, and I appreciate the wide variety of languages and people available. It seems like the people in charge are really passionate and invested in this work and with helping people in need.
Kelly Davidson City of Roanoke
I loved the way VOLATIA’s platform tracked real-time data. We knew when the interpreter you sent us checked in and out. We didn’t have to wait for an email and verify the times. Invoicing was easier as well. It was AWESOME!
Jody Spahr Government Director Compass Languages
I have had the experience of working with Volatia Language Network not only as a provider but as a customer.
Their system is very convenient and easy to use. Last summer, I was able to work for VOLATIA doing medical interpretations in different hospitals and rehabilitation services. One of the strengths of VOLATIA is their online system where the customers places a work order, and a qualified interpreter accepts the interpretation assignment based on the interpreter’s availability.
VOLATIA interpreters are not only knowledgeable, but they are mindful about respecting the ethical standards considering the hospital regulations and respecting the client’s privacy and confidentiality. In addition, the interpreters are flexible and diverse to meet the needs of the clients adapting to their circumstances to bridge the gap of communication between the client and the customer.
This year, as a therapeutic family consultant, I have referred many of my clients to Volatia Language Network to meet the needs of many families and children. I have used the services of qualified interpreters during supervised mandatory visitations, outpatient therapy and court hearings. All providers are very professional and flexible. They are good listeners who are willing to accommodate unpredictable schedules because their goal is to provide excellent customer service. Thank you, Volatia Language Network!!
Carmen A. Pellicer Therapeutic Family Consultant Intercept Youth
It is my preference to use Volatia Language Network for those with interpreter needs. After working with the company for a number of weeks, their services far exceed any company that I have interacted with in this capacity thus far.
Due to their online order availability, I can input an order in no time. It saves my preferences for later appointments and allows me to check whether or not an interpreter has been assigned. I do not have to call, wait on hold, or schedule within a call center’s business hours to submit a request, thus saving me valuable client-service time. I can complete all my requests after or between appointments, increasing the number of potential clients I may serve.
VOLATIA also sends immediate confirmation emails to me both after I submit a request and after an interpreter has been assigned. This email confirms the name of the interpreter, the name of the patient, the language, and the date/time of service. I can easily edit/correct mistakes and confirm with a patient whether or not the interpreter is a relative. This saves valuable resources for me, as I do not have to cancel any appointments should there be a conflict of interest. Also, if for any reason an interpreter does not show (which has happened with prior companies), I have a direct name/reference number to report when following up with customer service. At the conclusion of an appointment, I get a confirmation email with the exact time spent in interpretation. This allows me as the clinician to check for errors and correct times reported, which cuts down on fraud/waste.
Customer service is prompt, well trained and attentive as well. I can always reach a representative to assist me in scheduling or to report any issues. I have noticed a superior level of professionalism and training in VOLATIA-hired interpreters compared to other companies as well. This allows me to provide better, more evidence-based care that is more equitable to the services I can provide to my traditional English-speaking patients. Again, the professionalism and promptness of service with VOLATIA does nothing but increase my potential productivity, thus serving more patients better.
Perhaps the biggest cost-savings that I have seen is in the actual pool of interpreters that VOLATIA offers. Since VOLATIA is a local company, they can provide interpreters from within my community. This increases the likelihood that they are able to provide an interpreter in the language I have requested, and also eliminates any need to pay for mileage to provide services. Since they have such a large interpreter pool, I am even able to request last-minute face-to-face services without having to pay mileage, and I have yet to have a request unfulfilled.
The most valuable service difference actually lies in their ability to offer video-interpretation services. When an interpreter in my area is not available, VOLATIA gives me the option to either pay for mileage for an interpreter from another city (usually no more than an hour’s drive away) or opt for either phone or video services. Phone interpretation is not clinically indicated nor sufficient for my purposes as a professional counselor, but video could be a viable option in certain circumstances as it lends itself to the ability to observe nuance and facial posture. Both the local option and the video services would significantly decrease the cost of interpretation services for many of my patients.
With every other company that I have worked with via traditional Medicaid MCO avenues, an interpreter arrives after traveling over TWO hours from my office. Not only does the MCO pay for the appointment, but they also pay for 4 hours of mileage costs. Many times, an interpreter via the MCO is not even assigned, which is never communicated to me unless I call and ask if there is a confirmation myself. VOLATIA removes every barrier I usually encounter and offers a superior experience to me as the end user. I sincerely recommend using VOLATIA as a language access provider, and allowing me as a clinician to partner with them for your Medicaid MCO patients.
Chanelle Henderson, MA, CRC Resident in Counseling Associates in Brief Therapy