About US


Our mission is to provide language interpretation and translation services in the most efficient and cost effective manner.


Our vision is to bridge language gaps in every community of the United States by making language solutions available to everyone, everywhere, anytime.


The ability to communicate with others is a privilege and a fundamental human right. It is the basis to our freedom of speech. Language barriers, however, limit access to services and cause disparities in healthcare, legal settings, public safety, social services, business functions, and so on. Sometimes it’s a matter of life or death, other times it’s a matter of assimilation; but in all cases, one’s ability to communicate is key to living a full and productive life.

Volatia exists because we believe that everyone should have equal access to public information, the opportunity to self-express, and the right to be heard.


As an integrated network of linguists, we support more than 280 languages in three modes: onsite, over-the-phone, and through video remote solutions, 24/7/365. Through our innovations and strategic partnerships, we are on the cutting edge of a rapidly changing industry. Our clients enjoy a combination of the latest technology and a network of thousands of professional interpreters and translators who are fully tested and trained to ensure reliability, confidentiality, and ease of access. Our services are available throughout the United States of America.

Core Values

People: E pluribus Unum: Out of Many, One

Passion: To our mission, to our clients, to one another, and to the fulfilment of our vision.

Leadership: We are creating tomorrow today.

Synergy: Together, we achieve more

The passion, dedication, and commitment of our team to one another, our clients, solutions, and mission guarantee our success. We are particularly passionate about creating a people-centric culture that encourages growth of our team members, improves our productivity, and enhances our ability to innovate and respond to challenges. We thrive on providing solutions that meet the needs of our clients and are driven to provide an exceptional experience for every individual we serve. Entrepreneurs at heart, we strive for perfection and aspire to lead the way in everything we do. With a strong leadership model, we listen to the needs of our clients and rely on the synergy of our people to develop language solutions that are second to none.

Key Contacts

Baraka | CEO Baraka Kasongo

Baraka is a transformational leader who has achieved a tremendous record of success in various aspects of his life. He demonstrates an exceptional ability to lead, innovate, and pioneer new paths through his collaborative nature. His passion for bridging language and cultural barriers is fueled by his experience of being a refugee in five different countries for a period of seven years. Baraka founded VOLATIA to be the means through which he can mitigate linguistic and cultural disparities that exist in every community throughout the United States and around the world. He serves on numerous boards that focus on creating and fostering diversity and inclusion at every point of contact.

Baraka holds a bachelor of science degree in Management & Leadership from Bluefield College, an associate of applied science in Emergency Management from Frederick Community College, and is certified as a Green Belt Lean Six Sigma practitioner through Virginia Tech.

Aimable Gisa
Director │ Branch Operations

Aimable is an extremely capable leader who supports every interaction with a calm spirit of integrity. His passionate attitude reflects his own experiences as a refugee and productive member of his community. These first-hand realities have shaped within him a strong desire to make a difference in cross-cultural communications. Aimable leads the company’s overall aspects of service delivery and is responsible for the administration and efficient daily operation of our branch offices. With more than 15 years of experience in successful client-facing operations management, Aimable has held several positions of increasing responsibility in VOLATIA. He ensures the effective implementation of best practices in every division within the organization to ensure the delivery of reliable, repeatable, and measurable language solutions to our clients.

Leigh P. Huff Jr.
Director │Technology

Leigh is a mastermind of information technology architecture. He has led the development of most of our innovations in collaboration with his own company, exemplum. Leigh serves as our chief software engineer and therefore oversees the design and deployment of our secure, scalable, and cloud-based technological solutions.

Clark Worthy
General Counsel │Legal

In addition to serving as our corporate counsel, Clark is also a partner and practicing attorney at Gentry Locke Attorneys. He has over 20 years of experience and has been named a “Legal Eagle” and one of “The Best Lawyers in America.”

Lynda McNutt Foster
Director │
Business Development

Lynda is an accomplished practical author, brain-focused trainer, coach, and mentor. She has served in executive roles in several organizations and has over 30 years of experience as entrepreneur. Lynda is the author of two e-books: 4 Keys to More Effective Leadership Behaviors and Time Mastery: 7 Simple Steps to Richer Outcomes. She is the featured weekly guest on Virginia at Work on WFXR on Sunday evenings with Bill Wadell and on Good Day Virginia each Monday morning. Lynda was introduced to VOLATIA during a leadership consulting session offered by her company, Cortex Leadership Consulting. Her passion to bridge and increase awareness of the linguistic and cultural disparities was born. Lynda joined VOLATIA as an active investor and currently leads our business development division. Lynda describes herself as "a slow runner, day hiker, enthusiastic zipliner, terrible bowler, and pathetic speller."

Becky Tweedy
Director │ Marketing

Becky is an extremely talented professional with a great measure of humility and servant leadership attributes. She has worked in key executive leadership positions in several growth-oriented organizations, helping them reach toward their full potential. Throughout her career, Becky has developed a combination of skills, and particularly enjoys company branding/marketing and organizational planning. Her passion to fulfill our mission stems from her initial introduction to Volatia through Baraka, where she learned of the amazing cross-cultural achievements that were being met in communities locally and beyond. Becky immediately joined VOLATIA's team and currently leads our marketing initiatives as an integral member of the business development group.

Elizabeth Hord
Relationship Manager │
Customer Service

Elizabeth is an energetic professional with an inherent love for working with people. Her attention to detail, collaborative approach to challenges, and pure enthusiasm guarantee a positive client experience. Elizabeth's passion for the language industry resulted from her experience of being hospitalized while traveling abroad and seeing first-hand the breakdown of service delivery due to language and cultural barriers. Her energy and support is often referred to by her peers as the "connecting link" to most successful initiatives throughout the organization. In her roles as a Client Relationship Manager, Elizabeth's primary objective is to ensure that every client experience is in line with our mission and fulfills our vision. She thus interacts with every division within VOLATIA with a focus on continual improvements of our services and products

Elizabeth holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology, Sociology with a concentration in Anthropology from Roanoke College.

Ruth Kasongo
Relationship Manager | HR

Ruth is an outgoing result-driven professional who works diligently to find common ground while achieving desired outcomes. Ruth's passion for her work derives from her experience and those of her family members as refugees. In her tenure, she has lead the recruitment and retention of a motivated, goal-centric team of linguists. As the Interpreter Relationship Manager, Ruth leads many initiatives in human resources with a focus on making constant incremental improvements in her realm of responsibility. She is also a key member of our company quality assurance team that defines, measures, analyzes, and improves processes and workflows

Joshua Salley
Relationship Manager │

Joshua is a rare breed among his peers. His candid approach to building and maintaining relationships is unmatched. Joshua's passion for the language industry is woven into his very being. His own family members and friends are deaf and hard of hearing, an element that caused him to get involved in this field from the earliest age he can remember. Now as a professional American Sign Language (ASL) Interpreter, Joshua is shaping the future of language access programs one community at a time. He leads our community efforts to increase awareness of linguistic and cultural barriers in organizations of all sizes within every industry. As a Community Relationship Manager, Joshua leads many outreach initiatives and is a key member of the business development division.

Andrew Crotts
Sr. Account Executive │
Business Development

Andrew is a driven, goal-oriented individual who thrives on new challenges. His positive attitude allows him to live each day with a great deal of enthusiasm. Born and raised in Lexington, North Carolina, Andrew's observations of linguistic and cultural barriers were often experienced when ordering takeout. While serving as the CEO of his own company, Andrew was introduced to VOLATIA during an event that changed his trajectory immediately. As an entrepreneur, Andrew left his own successful company to fulfill his passion of helping people through VOLATIA. His leadership was felt throughout the organization as he opened branches in new markets and traveled relentlessly to ensure their success. Andrew's commitment to our vision is remarkably demonstrated by his tireless efforts in working to create client solutions that are second to none. As a Sr. Account Executive, Andrew oversees our sales initiatives and is a member of the business development division.

Andrew holds a Bachelor of Arts in Public & Interpersonal Communications from N.C. State University.

Chris West
Sr. Analyst │ Marketing

Chris is one of the greatest marketing minds with respect to his understanding and deployment of effective end-user engagement strategies. He joined our team with more than 13 years of experience in the media industry and currently leads our media content developments, online engagements, and overall advertisement campaigns.

Taryn Anderson
Sr. Analyst │
Business Development

Taryn is a proven business leader whose determination steers her success. With over 10 years of experience in healthcare, Taryn serves as the primary healthcare analyst in our business development division. Taryn holds a bachelor of science in Communications & Public Relations from Radford University.